Receive a beautiful Andara Pendant plus Bonus Transmissions plus Shipping Worldwide

Beloved hearts,

I invite you to receive one of these beautiful Andara Pendants that I have lovingly been working with for some time. They are truly so very powerful and incredibly wonderful to connect with for awakened Souls.

The Andara Crystals assist us to connect multidimensionally and expand our consciousness. They express atomically/monatomically in connecting us to our multidimensional Selves, Higher Selves and timelines of our Highest Potential, as well as synchronizing our work flow in both the dream state and awakening states for greater levels of joy, passion and purpose.

As our human selves, we can become unfocused and get distracted or find old patterns, programs and false beliefs coming up that make it difficult to move forward into our joy and ability to share with others through our abundant, loving hearts.

The Andara Crystals take us deeper into our loving hearts and streamline our work focus  and spiritual goals. They assist us to communicate more deeply with others, as well as animals and nature and activate us energetically to expand our consciousness and service work upon this sacred earth.

They also amplify the crystalline grids/unity grid, and many gatekeepers and grid keepers work with Andara Crystals.

Additionally, many of us who have Andara Crystals regularly take them out into the sun or on our outings and travels, caress them, sleep with them, chat to them and simply love them. They truly are living beings.

In my own experience in merging with the Andara Crystals, I experienced each cell in the body expand in different colors, almost like dancing auroras, with particular sonic vibrations, feelings and understandings. This frequency experienced is profound. As an Andarian, I moved into the body parts and organs that needed “healing light” and “light code activations” and with sonic and sacred geometry holographic chambers of colors and sounds, feelings and knowings, experienced a multi-colored light show within with Quantum Field and within each body part and organ, and expressed my Love to the body, as I surrendered and expanded beyond the old programs and false beliefs.

Additionally, I found myself connecting multidimensionally to my Galactic Aspects, deepening into this communication, initially with my Pleiadian Higher Self, then Sirian-Lemurian Higher Self Aspects, then Ancient Egyptian, and then Arcturian Higher Self. It was profound and beautiful in the realization that this is WHO WE ARE.

Further to this, was a deep sense of joy and understanding as to how to program our realities to bring in all we need  to expand our communities of Light as well as the ability through the Quantum Field to connect more deeply telepathically and we come together on the inner and outer planes for the next level of our collective Service roles as New Earth Facilitators to this sacred Earth.

My understanding is that the Andarian Beings were ancient custodians of Lemurian consciousness and now, in this timeline, as we expand more deeply through our Consciousness as and into the Unity Grid, we are ready to work with these beautiful Beings once more. To allow for a deepening sense of Oneness with All, and to Remember Who We Are, in our collective Magnificence and Light atomically as God/Source Consciousness.

The Andara Crystals call us when we are ready. Each one holds a different multidimensional frequency/facet of Unity Consciousness. Some are Gatekeepers or Grid Keepers or Healing Beings, some assist in Galactic and/or Quantum Field Communication and yet others assist with Body Work, Chakra Clearing, Rebalancing, Peace, Harmony, Abundance, expansion of our Service work and so on.

Essentially, they act as a bridge of Light and open up into interstellar Travel through the Gateways of our Loving Heart, as we activate New Earth Light Codes from within and move beyond each ring-passeth-not, each veil of illusion.

When you work with the Andara Crystals, you may feel this Holographic Rebalancing, this Mini Hologram of the Universal Hologram activating within and around the body and energy field. And when you hold an Andara Crystal up in natural sunlight, you will often see dolphins or whales or star beings or rainbows as they change color and shape.

I have been called to be a custodian for the Andara Crystals and have created beautiful Andara Pendants. I will choose one of these beautiful Andara Pendants for you. I will tune in and see the Andara Crystal that wants to work and play with you.

The Andara Pendants are  made with a lovely braided rope, and sit upon the heart chakra.

 The Andara Pendant is around 40-55 grams.

Additional you will receive a beautiful 33-Minute Soul Healing Transmission plus other bonuses when you order.


FOR ORDERS LOCAL TO SOUTH AFRICA, PRICING IS R1200, including shipping to local PAXI/PEP.

EFT TO: A Melchizedek, Nedbank, Current A/C No: 1920 067019.

Please email with banking remittance plus local PAXI, Mobile Number and if you were referred, by whom.


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Please note shipping internationally takes approximately six to eight weeks and a tracking number is also available should we need to track your parcel.

FOR ORDERS LOCAL TO SOUTH AFRICA, PRICING IS R1200, including shipping to local PAXI/PEP.

EFT TO: A Melchizedek, Nedbank, Current A/C No: 1920 067019.

Please email with banking remittance plus local PAXI, Mobile Number and if you were referred, by whom.





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