New Earth Avatar Consciousness of Light


New Earth is here, right now,

accessed through our Loving Hearts,

where all exists in Unity, Harmony and Love.


We access New Earth vibrationally as we clear and release density,

additionally moving through each dimension, each level of consciousness, each program,

beyond the veils of illusion, with the physical body as our Temples of Light.

We continually align and activate, integrate, recalibrate, synchronize and actualize,

living in the Now, through the stillness of the loving heart and the wisdom of the higher mind.


We go within initially, clearing old programs, false beliefs, judgments, patternings and conditionings.

3D plays out all unconscious behaviour, 4D takes us into remembering and clearing and 5D awakens and illuminates the Stargate of the Loving Heart.


While all activates our DNA, to experience the crystalline/plasma and photonic light held within, we raise our vibration to be here in this Now,

as we experience the blueprint for our life purpose in self-mastery,

the codes of creation, the Patterns of Perfection.

We agreed to incarnate upon this sacred earth,

to take on human form, and experience human lives,

to take on the karma of humanity and to clear our own cosmic karmic and akasha.


As we integrate the Photonic Light, our Soul Light,

we become multidimensional Master Beings.

We do this as our choice to live our highest potential,

As the Light of God We Are,

And so that that all life upon this sacred earth could know themselves as Love.

Lifting the veils of illusion as we raise our vibration, is the remembrance of ourselves as initiates of Light.

Timelines of Remembrance, within the Consciousness of One; Lemurian, Atlantean, Ancient Egypt, Galactic, Inner Earth and Gaia.

Accelerated in the recognition of our challenges as Initiations of Light,

we embrace the negative ego aspects as the unexpressed Divinity within still coming to know itself as Love.

Compassion and Love are keys of self-mastery, and reveal ever deeper, with empowerment, wisdom, insight and understanding, anchored and activated through the three-fold Flame.

Each step forward a natural organic flow into the next level of our Soul’s Forward Evolution,

The Divine Plans reveal, as old earth is replaced New Earth.

Confusing initially, alignment, misalignment, heart awakenings, physical pain, experiencing the completion of karmic cycles and new versions of reality, to earn the right of FREEDOM, SOVEREIGNTY AND SELF MASTERY.

This required a surrender of our will to the Will of the Divine.

Trust and Faith follow as all aligns as One Heart, One Love and One Unified Field of Light.

The old dissolves and Love is all that is,

from within, as pure Source Light,

each Moment holding the focus of our vibration, frequency and Light,

a journey initially ever deeper into the Light

reflecting in the illuminosity and wisdom of what we hold and transmit,

release and let go off to know ourselves as Love.


As the sub-atomic particles spin in increased light, Crystalline Plasma Photonic and Diamond Light, we get to choose our reality as source Light,

Through the original divine blueprinting, returning to original innocence,

as the sacred flames of Divinity and Light of God We Are.

In ego consciousness, victim/persecutor consciousness, all are still to blame.

Our human fears, acts and reacts,

anger, rage, guilt, shame, blame and sadness,

separation needing to be released, embraced, accepted, appreciated, dissolved.

Observational awareness amplifies, solar flares ignite,

As we see what we desire to change,

as we align ever deeper into the Sun, Central Sun and Great Sun as the Beloved I Am That I Am.

Higher Selves are embraced as we deepen into Soul embodiment,

Ascension and resurrection codes activate,

ready now to release all that no longer serves.

Kundalini activates, the body fires up, plasma cool, kundalini heat, masculine, feminine rebalancing to the point of merging with the innocence within,

Alchemy, transformation, freedom codes, REMEMBRANCE.


FLAMES OF DIVINITY, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, lightworkers, Initiates of Light.

New Earth Avatars,

Living in the Now.


Integrating into this Now, merging timelines from past, future, parallel selves,

until all timelines disappear and all that remains is this Now moment.

Deepening into this Now moment, into pure unconditional Love.

Merging with higher aspects, timelines of Self Mastery,

Lower aspects, clearing timelines for all.

For karmic clearing is done for all humanity, as all life evolves into the next level of their Soul’s Blossoming, Magnificence and Light.



I am supported by MY Universe as a New Earth Avatar.

As I deepen into the flow of this Divine support,

Trusting and Surrendering to the Guidance within,

I deepen into the flow of service,

as a manifesting co-creator to the Divine.

Through my thoughts of Service to All,

through my feelings of Love, and Unity and CommUnity,

I listen to MY UNIVERSE, my Higher Selves, co-creating through Service in Love.

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