Angelic Template Activations and Light Body Embodiments

Angelic Template Activations and Light Body Embodiments



Join Anrita Melchizedek in this beautiful telewebinar transmission as we deepen into the expansion of our Light Bodies, take on new service roles on the inner and outer planes and experience greater levels of peace and joy through the Angelic templates activating at this time. As more Souls experience soul embodiments, the merging with our Higher Selves and multidimensional aspects, our Light Bodies radiate and expand into the Multiverse. Through this, we draw to us the new 12-D templatings anchoring and activating at this time, bringing forth new Galactic and Multiverse Light codes as well as Diamond Solar Plasma DNA upgrades.

In this beautiful transmission, the Sisterhood of the Rose ignites and activates the Flame of Divine Love ever deeper within our loving hearts, while connecting us to the Temples of the Rose. This expansion releases the remnants of old patterns, false beliefs and judgments, going into the secret chambers of the loving heart as we experience the first of three Light Body Templates, the Human Energy Body, awakening to the Soul, awakening to our magnificence and Light. The second Light Body Template we experience is the Rainbow Light Body, in which we are the conduits of God’s Divine Love, dreaming into creation the service roles most supportive to our Light work as we merge with our Higher Selves and continue to clear old programs at a cellular level while remaining within the loving compassionate heart. The third Light Body level we experience is the Diamond Plasma Crystalline Light Body, which takes us into the merging and integration of our Beloved I Am Presence, where all is One, and all is Light. New Earth is a constant reality and all that we need, we instantly manifest as the Light of God/Goddess That We Are.

As we deepen into these respective Light Bodies, giving us an understanding of where we are energetically, we are further offered an opportunity to experience the Angelic Templates of Peace and Joy respectively. Overlighted by Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Love and Peace and and Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Conscious Communication, we are shown the gifts of Love and peace that we deepen into, when we embrace and love all that arises whilst giving a voice to the rising change within us and around us. Archangel Jophiel, the Angel of Joy then steps forward wrapping us in her beautiful Flame of Light as we deepen into our creative gifts with joy and delight, whilst merging with our multidimensional Selves/Higher Selves through the Christed Timelines of Light.

Experience this wonderful transmission in the form of invocations, affirmations and Light encoded energies. And so it is.