New Earth Divine Rebirthing

New Earth Divine Rebirthing



222 Crystalline Light Codes and Soular Expansion

90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

As the New Earth Avatars, the next stage of our collective Divine Rebirthing of Cosmic Christ Consciousness is upon us, as we ignite the 222 Crystalline Light codes of Soular Expansion.

The 222 Crystalline Light Codes take us into Solar Christ Consciousness and collectively into the fifth dimension and beyond. These Light codes, activating from within our bodies, our Temples of Light, bring with it New Beginnings, Co-operation, Harmony, Balance, Healing, Manifestation, and the Spirit of CommUnity and Co-operation. With these beautiful New Beginnings, we transform and transcend, elevate and re-align, as we deepen into New Earth through our Loving Hearts with Soul and Star Family, and the amplified frequencies of Caring, Sharing, Respect, Unity and Love.

It is a “We” Year to SHINE OUR SOUL LIGHT collectively, as the I Am Avatar Race. As the Gatekeepers, Grid Keepers, Flames of Divinity, and vibrating Portals of Divine Love, opening the Stargates and Portals from within and expanding the Light of God upon this sacred earth.

The 222 Crystalline Light Codes further brings an expansion of our Light work, our Divine Life Purpose and Soul Mission, and particularly our Galactic Mission Codes, as we take on new skills, work with new/old friends and family and challenge ourselves to our Highest Potential.

Additionally, we are taken deeper into the remembrance of our Initiations of Light, amplified through the numerology of the number 6, and the sacred geometry of the star tetrahedron, the six-pointed star, through our Golden Hearts. This further allows for the creation of our Light Body/Merkabas, our Ascension Vehicles into New Earth as we raise our vibration and lift our consciousness into this dimensional field of Zero Point, Being in the eternal Now moment.

As we sustain and hold our consciousness at fifth dimensional frequencies and beyond, the Soular Expansion of Crystalline Consciousness and Photonic Light/Soul Light assists us in our New Earth Rebirthing.

This New Earth Rebirthing process is to awaken us to the remembrance of our Soul Light within, and all that we are, as we return to our Original Innocence, our Purity and Innocence.

This is also the second wave of Souls ascending into New Earth. As the physical body ascends and the Soul descends, it is no longer out there, but within, that we bring our focus. To our Universe; our Soul Light, our physical bodies and Gaia.

For many, it has been extremely challenging to release the dense carbon-based frequencies, judgments, programming’s, addictions and false beliefs and we have seen this reflected in the outer world of 3D realities. Furthermore, as the kundalini energy of Gaia activates to support this next wave, and with this, as our own kundalini activates, our unconscious programs have been coming up to be dissolved as we open our heart chakras to the knowing that we are Love, that All is Love. For until we surrender and trust our Soul, all is most uncomfortable. And then, as we deepen into Self Love and Self Nurturing, feeling and sensing the Divine Mother energy Overlighting us, New Beginnings present.

We are ready now for the creation of our Physical Light Bodies and to emerge on New Earth as One Heart and One Love.

We are invited into the Ancient Memories within holding the Golden Ages of Atlantis, and to experience the Crystal Temple of the Sun and Moon. To experience the Soular and Moon Gamma Ray frequencies as we transcend our human karma, victim and persecutor consciousness and release within us the “Fall from Grace”, and the distorted masculine energy, anger, blame, judgment and shame.

As we connect to the Inner Earth Sun, the Golden Sun within our Hearts, the Sun, the Galactic Central Sun and Great Central Sun, we draw to us the 222 Crystalline Light Codes to activate and actualize the physical/energetic upgrades of our I Am Avatar Body of Light, our Adam Kadmon Body of Light.

We further rebalance our Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits to rebirth the magical innocent child, our Soul Light, our Purity and Innocence in the diamond and rainbow hues of the Sun and our radiant energy and Soul Light.

We activate our kundalini energy, create our Merkaba vehicles of Light, open a portal of Light through the Pineal Gland and shift in consciousness into New Earth, allowing the Light Body DNA to program the Crystalline Light codes within for our physical ascension process.

Additionally, we take on new roles in remembrance of being the Priests and Priestesses in the Golden Age Timelines of Atlantis, as well as merge with our Galactic Selves to deepen into our sacred missions upon New Earth.

And so it is, and so it shall be.


Two recordings, with and without background music