Higher Selves Abundance Consciousness Attunements

Higher Selves Abundance Consciousness Attunements



90 minute – 120 minute masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

With and without background music

In this beautiful transmission we deepen into the Overflowing and Prosperous Heart as we travel to the Temple of Manifestation to experience the next level of our heart’s dreaming and Soul’s destiny fully supported by the universe.

As the Golden Ages of our Highest Potential and lifetimes of Self Mastery merge into this Now we deepen into our heart’s dreaming and joy, whilst trusting and surrendering to the Divine and the universal flow of abundance.

The etheric Template of Manifestation brings through the timelines of our highest potentiality through our Higher Self aspects who have experienced self-mastery in the various aspects of Abundance Consciousness and the Soul’s Destiny and Purpose.

Within the Temple of Manifestation, we initially draw upon the lunar and solar cycles in the knowing of the Perfect Timing as to each step we take into the next level of our Soul’s blossoming as we activate the New Earth Templates within and around our bodies.

We then view our personal Akasha and to release any false beliefs, judgments or patterning’s playing out in our lives that may be blocking the flow of prosperity consciousness in any area of our lives.

From here, we attune to the abundance codes and symbols of the Higher Selves who come forward to assist us to deepen into the field of Abundance Consciousness. With this, we amplify our ability to magnetize, manifest and bring into our reality all that we are needing in each Now moment for our heart’s dreaming and Soul’s destiny as we walk the Path of Divine Love.

In these beautiful attunements of Light, as each one of our Higher Selves come forward, they offer to us symbolic representations of the Codes of Abundance Consciousness in the form of chi balls, which we activate through our chakras, to amplify our field of Prosperity Consciousness.

We end this transmission with a series of beautiful abundance affirmations.