Quantum Healing Activations

Quantum Healing Activations



90-minute to 120-minute masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

With and without background music

Join us in this two-hour telewebinar transmission as we amplify our healing gifts working with our own Galactic Healing Team and deepen into the One Heart of All That Is.

In this transmission we travel into the Temple of Quantum Healing and with the assistance of the Galactic Healing Teams and our Beloved I Am Presence, we clear the remnants of old false beliefs and judgments, dis-comforts and dis-ease from within the Emotional Energy Centers of the Body as well as activating the Meridians, Nadis, Chakras and Axiatonal Lines. This Purification process further facilitates the actualization of the I Am Avatar Crystalline Diamond Light Codes of Soul Embodiment within the hologram, energy field and body as we walk the Path of Divine Love.

As we focus on each Emotional Energy Center, the Galactic Healing Team bring in a Quantum Healing Grid of Light and specific Light frequency spectrums to alleviate, and release stuck emotions, pictures, patternings and related frequencies.

The Emotional Energy Centers of the Body we work with are as follows:

Throat Center: Self-Expression Issues. Lack of trust. Lack of nurturing.

False beliefs: I am alone. I cannot trust others. I am unseen and unheard. I have no voice.

Shoulders ~ Burden areas: I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.
False beliefs: No one can do what I can. No-one understands me. Life is tough.

Heart Center: Grief, sorry, sadness, abandonment and loss.

False beliefs: I am unloved. I am unappreciated. I am sad. I am helpless. I always feel so much pain. The universe does not support me.

Fear Center (Solar Plexus area): Fears and Phobias. Loss of control. Giving our power to others. Lack of trust.

False beliefs: I am not in control. I am always been taken advantage off. Other people take my power. I am powerless. Bad things always happen to me.

Anger Center (Right side of the body, waist area): Anger and Rage. Anger at others. Anger at Self. Jealousy. Resentment.

False beliefs: Others are always better off than I am. The world is full of people who only care about themselves.

Guilt/Shame/Unworthiness Center (Left side of the body, waist area): Unacceptance. Self-Judgment, Self-Criticism.

False beliefs: I am not worthy. I am not good enough. No-one will ever love me. I am always going to be alone.

Old Stuff Center (Sacral): Family Sexual Issues. Childhood Conditioning. Violation of Body or Personal Space.

False beliefs: I am not safe. Sex is sinful. Others take advantage of me.

Support Area (Right side of body, hip area): Lack of financial support.

False beliefs: I am never going to be able to make a living in what I love doing. I have no money. Money is the root of all evil.

Support Area (Left side of body, hip area): Lack of emotional support.
False beliefs: I am unsupported. I have no friends. No-one understands me. I am different.

Survival Center (Base chakra area): Trauma, accidents, abuse, rape, violations, impotency/frigidity.

False beliefs: I will not survive this. I will never again be able to be intimate with another. I trust no-one. I must protect myself from others at all costs.

Rejection Center (Pelvis area right side of body): Abandonment, Criticism, Judgment by others. Self-rejection.

False beliefs: I am always abandoned by those I love. Others are always judging me. I know I am not good enough. I don’t want to be here. I will never be able to fully love myself.

Betrayal Center (Pelvis area, left side of the body): Betrayed by someone we love. Self-Betrayal.

False beliefs: People always betray me and take advantage of me. This is my karma.