The Angelic Template of Intuition and Wisdom

The Angelic Template of Intuition and Wisdom



In this transmission, we are invited into the Temple of Intuition and Wisdom Overlighted by Archangel Uriel. Within this beautiful Temple of Light, we merge with our Divine Feminine Spirits as we come into the knowing of the intuitive wisdom that we have and hold as we walk this path of Divine Love. This intuitive wisdom and deepening innocence, is expressed in listening to the universe whilst having the understanding of why things are as they are, and how to move forward lovingly and responsibly, no matter how uncomfortable the experience may be.

As the Angelic Template of Intuition and Consciousness activates within our loving hearts, we deepen into trusting our own inner voice as well as our dreams. We

slow down as we invite the stillness within to amplify through our Divinity, through the Presence of the Divine. Through our Master eyes, we no longer question the universe, we no longer seek validation from others. All is within as we accept and embrace All That Is. Additionally, we experience a pineal gland activation enhancing our intuition and understanding.