Seventeenth ray of Universal Service – Orion

Seventeenth ray of Universal Service – Orion



In this guided visualization, you will journey in your Divine Body of Light to the etheric of Orion, which holds the collective energy signature of the seventeenth ray of Universal Service, through the overlighting of Lord Melchizedek and the Brotherhood of the Light, Lord Metatron, Lord Michael and Archangels Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael. Guided by your Orion Higher Self of the Light, you will meet and journey with the archetypes of the healer and mentor to find the symbols to this ray, and furthermore, embody the associated magical images. You will then head to the Ascension Seat in the etheric of Orion, where you will be placed in a 12 Strand DNA Activation Chamber of Light, and following this, merge with these archetypes as well as your Orion Higher Self of the Light. You will activate your universal axiatonal lines and merge with your eighth dimensional selves.

You will then be taken to a sacred Prism of White Light, which holds the energy signatures of all twelve of your Higher Selves and the related rays. You will be surrounded in a beautiful diamond ray, the Eighteenth Ray of Melchizedek Consciousness. As you merge with your Beloved I Am Presence, the ray qualities of transcendence, unlimited potentiality, illumined truth, divinity, pure beingness, Melchizedek Consciousness, the infinite Now, formlessness, timelessness, completion of great work, unconditional Love, infinite expansiveness and great wisdom, Multi-Universal Service, and the experience of becoming the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God will be anchored and activated through your ninth dimensional portal, 24 feet above the crown chakra. Through the merging with your twelve Higher Selves of the Light, you will experience the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God through the energy of your Christed Overself of the Light, your Beloved I Am Presence. This is the Highest Light that you will ever be able to experience.