By coming together as One Heart and One Unified Field of Light, we amplify our Light frequency and collective Light of this sacred earth as the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light.

New Earth is our Quantum Playground of Evolving Consciousness as we unite, share, evolve, inspire, activate, integrate and expand our consciousness in all new ways as pure source Light.

This is a commUNITY focused on activating, anchoring, integrating, embodying and building New Earth realities as Quantum Multidimensional Co-Creators of NEW EARTH.

Through our Loving Hearts, and Living in Divine Presence in each Now moment, we deepen into Soul embodiment as we activate the Light codes, templates, sacred geometries, sound  and color frequencies that we hold within our own DNA as we surrender to our Universe.

From the stillness/beingness of our loving hearts and wisdom of our Higher Mind, we activate and bring online our Quantum Reality, along with the Rainbow, Crystalline/Photonic and Plasma Light Body and DNA Codes to achieve our Highest Potential as the Flames of Divinity and Light of God We Are.

We are a commUNITY of Divine Love, willing to make the changes within our lives and to do the work to expand the Consciousness of ALL as we anchor and experience Heaven on Earth.

The New Earth Avatar Membership provides tools, guidance and support as you walk this Path of Divine Love, this New Earth as the I AM Avatar Race.

It is a place where we honor each other and deepen our own inner sacred connection to walk the Path of Divine Love with ease and grace, acceptance, Love and appreciation for All That Is.

We are the Leaders, and Teachers, Facilitators, Wayshowers, Gatekeepers and Flames of Divinity, here to serve Mother Earth and all her Life WHILST EXPANDING OUR CONSCIOUSNESS AND LIVING AS THE LIGHT OF OUR SOUL, OUR BELOVED I AM PRESENCE.

Topics of Discussion May Include:

Going Within, Purification, Detoxification, Different Levels Light Body, Crystalline Sun DNA Activation, Physical Ascension/Soul Embodiment, Rays and Initiation, Zero Point, Service Roles and so much more.

Who is this commUNITY for?

All awakened and awakening Souls focused on creating, building, accomplishing and LIVING NEW EARTH. As we do our inner work, and show up, we accelerator into the next level of our Soul’s Blossoming, Magnificence and Light by BEING OUR SOUL LIGHT.

And with this, we connect with all AWAKENING HEARTS Being and Doing THROUGH THE ONE HEART OF ALL THAT IS.

We offer a New Earth Avatar Forever Free Membership as well as a New Earth Avatar Unity Membership

Benefits of the New Earth Avatar Forever Free Membership includes:

 One Monthly Live Community Session (offered via Facebook and You Tube)

Links and Recordings emailed to you

Benefits of the New Earth Avatar Unity Membership includes:

Two live sessions with Anrita monthly (second Wednesday in each month – 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm GMT)

One Live Question and Answer Session

One Live Community Session, which will also be open to the public


One Masterclass, 90-120 minutes, for home study each month (Mp3 download)




Frequently Asked


Simply by showing up and being the beautiful Soul Light that you are, you amplify the frequency of our gatherings. However, if you are called to share more, with your teachings, volunteering or contributing in other ways, you can email us with more information.


Yes, if you decide the New Earth Avatar Unity Membership isn’t for you, then you can cancel your subscription renewal via PayPal, the payment gateway we use. You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from the membership until the month of your subscription expires.


You sign up to our Voices of the Light Tribe aMember Portal and receive some awesome free gifts from us, meditations, transmissions, Angel cards and the like. For the New Earth Avatar Unity you will be emailed the zoom link details prior to each Masterclass.  Recordings will be available in your online membership portal following each Masterclass and Live event

What exactly do i receive?

For the New Earth Avatar Unity Subscription, you receive a beautiful 90-Min Light encoded transmission monthly plus two live events. One is public, for all, and the second one is Q & A Session with Anrita, in which we start with a Unity Transmission. Following this, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. Each session is usually around ninety minutes to two hours, all recorded.

For the New Earth Avatar Forever Free Membership, you will receive link details for our monthly public Masterclass on Facebook and You Tube, plus recording details.

Plus Free Gifts monthly from Us to You.

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