The Divine Mother Codes of the Universal Heart

The Divine Mother Codes of the Universal Heart



In this lovely transmission, we experience the restoration, rejuvenation and nurturing of our physical/energy bodies with very deep releasing of all that no longer works for us. As we surrender to the embrace of the Divine Mother, we release the vestiges of sadness, loss, betrayal and discomfort for ourselves and all of humanity as we walk the path of Love. And now, in this renewed integration of multi-dimensional convergence and greater levels of Self-appreciation and Self-Love, we experience the physical/energetic upgrades of our I Am Avatar Body of Light through our cells, central nervous system, sensory system and the left and right hemispheres of the brain in particular. This brings with it greater levels of vitality, clarity, empowerment, and focus, as well as increased sensitivity that activates into new levels of communication with all bands of consciousness. In particular, we are able to receive the Divine Mother Codes of the Universal Heart through our connection to all bands of consciousness upon this sacred earth as we link in telepathically and empathetically, in Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness, and in respect and reverence as these open hearts in this Golden Age of Light.

We are invited into the Temple of Transfiguration to experience a deepening sense of our planetary Light work as One Heart and One Unified Field of Light. Connecting to the Inner Earth Sun, the Golden Sun within our Hearts, the Sun, the Galactic Central Sun and Great Central Sun, and Overlighted by the Divine Mother, we draw to us the Equinox codes of Solar Christ Consciousness to activate and actualize the physical/energetic upgrades of our I Am Avatar Body of Light, our Adam Kadmon Body of Light.

We then connect as the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light and the Universal Heart through the Unity Grid of Divine Love, as we attune to:

The Elemental Kingdom: The fairies, elves, gnomes and brownies

The Crystal and Mineral Kingdom

The Plant Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom

The Healing Waters of Mother Earth


The Healing Forces of Nature

Ready to receive the Divine Mother Codes of the Universal Heart, we connect with Nature Intelligence and Nature Spirit Intelligence, along with the Overlighting Deva of Healing and the Deva of our Original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint and the Beloved I Am Presence of all awakened Souls on this sacred earth. As One Heart, we assist in the anchoring of the energetic codes of the Divine Mother. In particular, we assist in the anchoring and activation of the Divine Mother Codes of:

Strength and Courage








Divine Love

As these beautiful Divine Mother codes stream forth from the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, we activate and transmit these energetic elixir frequencies and codes of the Divine Mother into our sacred hearts and into the sacred hearts of all humanity walking the Path of Divine Love.

Lastly, we experience the Angelic Golden Dolphin and Whale Divine Love Attunement, as we deepen into Self-Love and ignite the Flame of Divine Love within our Christed Hearts to the highest level of unconditional Love and joy we are able to receive in this Now.

We end this transmission with a focus on connecting through the 144 Crystalline Grid of Divine Love, linking with the etheric Golden Dolphin and Whale pods, the many Legions of Light, Light Workers and star seeded ones and Nature Spirit Intelligence as we activate the collective OMM-Wave resonance of Divine Unconditional Love for ourselves and for all Life upon this sacred earth.

Come join us in this beautiful transmission of attunements, invocations, affirmations, visualizations and frequency activations as we come together at the time of the Equinox as One Heart and One Unified Field of Light.