Golden Sun and Flower of Life Zero Point Activation

Golden Sun and Flower of Life Zero Point Activation



90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek


Beloved hearts,

In Ancient Egypt, beloved hearts, as initiates of Light, we utilized the energy of the Golden Sun and Flower of Life, as well as all geometries within this, particularly Metatron’s Cube, to expand our Light from within and connect to our Galactic Higher Selves, and the Unity Grid to experience New Earth.

In this system of energy, we worked with the first nine dimensions, taking us into Soul Embodiment of our absolute Purity, Innocence and Source Light/Photonic Light whilst merging with our Galactic Higher Self aspects. In addition to this, the primary focus was on our ability to expand into each dimension through the related sacred geometries, sound and color frequencies and expand into the Golden Flower of Life 54 feet in diameter around us, utilized in the creation of our Light Body/Merkaba Field. This frequency of Christ Consciousness energetically took us into the Cold Flame of the Flower of Life within the Halls of Amenti, essentially the Quantum Field of Plasma Light. This alchemical process generated the internal Plasma Light, initially through the blood, in the creation of our various Light Bodies and embodiment of our Higher Selves and Multidimensional Selves.  Additionally, the Crystalline Sun DNA activated within the original Divine Blueprint as Plasma Light.

At this point, beloved hearts, we embody, activate and expand the Plasma Light within, and as these filaments create interconnected lines of Light that link us into the Unity Grid, and the Nodal Points along the Unity Grid through the Sacred Geometry of the Stellated Dodecahedron, we would join as One Heart and connect into the Crystalline Grid. Working with the Andarian Beings, the Andara Crystals, we would tune into each Nodal Point, Gateway and Sacred Site, starting from the axis point in Cairo, Egypt. For the Unity Grid is anchored by its axis at Cairo, and at Moorea, in the French Polynesian Islands near Tahiti.

As Gate Keepers and Grid Keepers we fine tune the frequencies within the Unity Grids, multidimensionally and holographically. With this, we create harmonic frequencies that uplift the consciousness of all Life, so that all can ascend. As expressions of consciousness and energy, we are the Christ Consciousness Grids, the vibrating Stargates of Divine Love, traveling our journey from Star Seed to Soul Seed to Star Being and then Source Light.

As we experience this deep sense of Unity Consciousness, of interconnectivity, we further deepen into Physical Body Ascension, the ability to take our physical body into New Earth free of 3D and 4D densities and karma.

To reach this level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness beloved hearts, requires the frequencies and energies of New Earth to be activated within our body and energy field, and this Now moment offers an unprecedented opportunity to activate the Lion’s Gate to Zero Point collectively, to the fifth dimension and beyond as the Beloved I Am That I Am, living New Earth and mapping our Highest Potential and trajectory as Co-Creators to the Divine, as our Universe.

We use a technique from the Ancient Egyptian timeline called The Golden Sun and Flower of Life Zero Point Activation.  At that time, and Now, we start by activating the Stargate of our Loving Heart by visualizing the Golden Sun, Christ Light, as a single point of Light. On each in-breath, we visualize this Golden Sun from within the center of our Heart Chakra. As we hold the breath, we visualize numerous hues of Diamond Crystalline Light activating from within the Loving Heart, aided by the Andarian Crystal Beings, and on the out-breath, we expand the Golden Sun around the body and energy field. We do this breath seven times, each time to the count of seven. As we then deepen into Zero Point, through the expansion and feelings of our Loving Heart, we move into activating the Pineal Gland, initially visualizing the cerebrospinal fluid moving up and down the spine, into the brain and placing pressure upon the Pineal Gland.

To visualize the Golden Sun within the Pineal Gland, we focus on the convergence of three energetic lines connecting through the Pineal Gland. The first point of intersection is activated through the Antakarana, as it travels from the Soul Star Chakra into the Crown Chakra, into the Pineal Gland, down the spine to the Perineum Center and then into the Earth Star Chakra. The second point of intersection activates from the Third Eye through the Pineal Gland and out the back of the Third Eye. And the third point of intersection crosses from just above the left ear to the same point on the right ear, and into the Pineal Gland. Where these energetic lines converge and intersect in the Pineal Gland, we visualize the Golden Sun and then expand this as a Golden Halo around the head.

Following this, we visualize the Ankh and utilizing these same points of convergence from within the Pineal Gland, connect to a portal of Light known as the Sirian Portal 2.4 feet above the Crown Chakra, activating once more the Golden Sun energy as the Sun behind the Sun, as well as activating a ninth dimensional portal 24 feet above the Crown Chakra as the Great Central Sun. The activation of the Golden Sun is the Christed Light beloved hearts, and takes us into Zero Point, where all presents simultaneously. Where we can view, experience and expand into numerous multidimensional timelines to create our future realities in One Unity Consciousness.

In ancient Egypt, we expanded into each dimension, from the fifth to the ninth respectively, visualizing the Golden Sun, and related sacred geometries as well as merging with our Galactic aspects. Each dimension beloved hearts, requires from us the ability to lift our consciousness into the corresponding field of Light, sound, color and sacred geometry. When we expanded into the ninth dimension, we further created and activated the Golden Flower of Life, within a Diamond sphere, 54 feet in diameter around us, which served as our Ascension Vehicle to New Earth. Additionally, we utilized this Flower of Life sacred geometry, now embedded within the Golden Sun, to raise our frequency, elevate our consciousness and release density from within the body and energy field. Further to this, we utilized this as a Healing Tool to assist our brothers and sisters in their Ascension Journey simply by visualizing the Golden Sun and Flower of Life activating and moving this into any body part, organ, and chakra as well as around the energy field. It was, and is, a most powerful tool and one we can draw upon to elevate consciousness and quantum jump multidimensionally as well as heal and release lower densities, false beliefs, judgments and discomfort from within the physical body.

And as we connect into, and as the Unity Grid, as the I AM AVATAR Consciousness, we can expand the Light upon this sacred earth using this Golden Sun and Flower of Life Zero Point Activation.

So join with us in this powerful Now moment beloved hearts. Together we are creating our Heaven on Earth, and New Earth from the Heart of the Great Central Sun, with beautiful invocations, activations, tools and healing energies we can utilize for ourselves, for others and for all Life upon this sacred earth.