Golden Sun Merkaba Activation

Golden Sun Merkaba Activation



90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek


Join us beloved hearts in this beautiful, high frequency masterclass as we expand our consciousness, raise our vibration, and activate our Merkaba field to physically access the fifth dimension and beyond, as the Light of God We Are.

The Golden Sun Merkaba Activation utilizes the energy of our Soul Light and Christed Light, known as the Golden Sun, to build the frequencies that will assist in activating our Merkaba field to physically access and ascend into the fifth dimension and beyond, as the Light of God We Are.

Our Merkaba field is a living Light Ship and Ascension Vehicle and when fully activated, can extend up to 54 feet in diameter around us. Our Golden Sun Merkaba is used for interdimensional travel in navigating the higher dimensions, powered by our Loving Heart and Higher Mind. Our Merkaba activates through our Soul Light/Photonic Light from deep within as we expand the Stargate of our Loving Heart in alignment to New Earth and realities of One Unity Consciousness.

For the Golden Sun Merkaba Activation, we work with the sacred geometry of the star tetrahedron, or rather three superimposing star tetrahedrons, and specific Fibonacci Ratio’s God Speed to Infinity, to increase the spin of the sub-atomic particles within the body and physically experience New Earth.

The Golden Sun Merkaba Activation takes us into Zero Point, the Infinite Eternal Now moment. The “longer” we can experience Zero Point, free from limiting beliefs, judgments, and 3-D/4-D timelines, the greater our ability to navigate multidimensionally and through the Quantum field.

In the Golden Sun Merkaba Activation, we work with nine dimensions, although many more dimensions exist beyond this and simultaneous to this. The primary reason for this is that embodiment of our Beloved I Am Presence occurs through the integration of all 144 Soul Ray aspects of Self. These are our multidimensional Selves, Higher Selves and Future Selves. These Higher Self aspects are generally integrated and embodied within the body and energy field by the ninth dimension. Following this, we enter the Source Light dimensions.

In addition to this, once the Golden Sun Merkaba field is activated, the sacred geometries of the Flower of Life, Metatron Cube and the Platonic solids are also activated, and with this, we become an extension of the Christ Consciousness grid around the Earth plane, reflecting the sacred geometries and harmonic resonance of New Earth found within the Christ Consciousness grid. We call this the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love.  Furthermore, through this sacred geometry, we hold within our subconscious, thought forms and patterns atomically, allowing us to tune in and communicate multidimensionally through the Quantum Field.

This is a powerful energy technique that takes us deeper into being Divine Love and living New Earth. Whilst there are different geometries that can be used to experience Zero Point and New Earth, we use the geometry of the star tetrahedron as it connects to the trinity of the Holy Father, the Holy Mother, and the Holy Child, and greatly balances the polarities within. However, once we physically ascend into New Earth, there is the next level multidimensional Merkaba Activation which does not require the balancing of polarities as these no longer exist and is again connected to the sacred geometries of the Unity Grid of Divine Love.

For the Golden Sun Merkaba Activation, we focus on three superimposing star tetrahedrons, as they are connected to our etheric, emotional, and mental bodies, and our original Divine eight-cell blueprint. We then spin the emotional and mental star tetrahedrons around the body at specific Fibonacci ratios God Speed to Infinity, a speed not possible to measure, to activate our Merkaba, using the energy of the Golden Sun. The etheric body star tetrahedron remains stationary over the body.

In addition to this, we utilize the energy of the Rays of Creation in visualizing the star tetrahedrons. Primary, we utilize a beautiful Blue-Green Ray of Highest Potentials. This ray connects into the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint, found within the Perineum Center, and works primarily with the geometry of the star tetrahedron in aligning us to our Divinity and original Soul contracts. We further utilize the Golden Ray of One Unity Consciousness to align us through all dimensions of Light as we activate the Sun, Central Sun and Great Central Spheres of Light through the body and energy field. These Rays of Creation spiral forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and greatly assist in expanding our Consciousness and Light.

Furthermore, we utilize the etheric or physical Andara Crystal energies, as they assist us to connect multidimensionally and expand our consciousness. They express atomically/monatomically in connecting us to our multidimensional Selves, Higher Selves and timelines of our Highest Potential, as well as synchronizing our workflow in both the dream state and awakened states for greater levels of joy, passion and purpose. The Andara Crystals transmit the Light codes of exactly what each of us needs in any given Now moment and assist us in deepening levels of awakening and remembering. And in working with us through and as the Unity Grid, the Andaras amplify these fields of consciousness of sacred geometry, sound and color, so that all Life can know themselves as Love.

To initially amplify our Light and expand our Loving Hearts, we activate the Stargate of our Loving Heart by visualizing the Golden Sun, as the Christed Light, activate from within our Loving Hearts.  As we deepen into Zero Point, through the Stargate of our Loving Heart, we focus on activating the Pineal Gland, using this same Golden Sun energy.

We then work with the Golden Sun energy through each one of the chakras at specific Fibonacci ratios to release all that no longer needs to be experienced as we collapse and dissolve lower timelines and create the higher dimensional timeline blueprinting’s through the chakras.

Following this, we connect to a portal of Light known as the Sun Portal, 0.02 feet above the Crown Chakra, activating the Golden Sun Sphere6.04 feet in diameter around this. We further connect to our Central Sun Portal 2.4 feet above the Crown Chakra, activating the Golden Sun sphere 10.8 feet in diameter around us, and within this, visualizing three superimposed star tetrahedrons. From here, we connect to a Portal 24 feet above the Crown Chakra, known as the Great Central Sun Portal, activating the Golden Sun sphere 54 feet in diameter around us.

These Golden Sun activations then create the Golden Flower of Life, within our Great Central Sun sphere 54 feet in diameter around us. We then utilize this Golden Sun and Flower of Life sphere to activate our Merkaba using the sacred geometry of the star tetrahedron to take us into Zero Point, and New Earth.

From this infinite, eternal Now moment, in the convergence of the higher dimensional fields of Consciousness and Light where all dimensions present simultaneously and where Love is All There Is, we program our Light Bodies to view, experience, and expand into numerous multidimensional timelines, both physically and energetically. We further map the trajectory of our Highest Potential and Heart’s Dreaming, to draw to us future probable timelines of One Unity Consciousness.

This is a very powerful technique taking us into New Earth Beloved Hearts and a technique we can practice daily to raise our vibration, and expand our consciousness, as we come together as One Heart and One Love and physically ascend into New Earth. In addition to this, the more of us able to activate our Merkabas, the more we create New Earth together in Unity and Love.

Come join with us in this powerful transmission as together we amplify our Merkaba Fields of Light and experience New Earth.

Mp3 recording available with and without background music. No transcribe.