Stargate Three

Stargate Three



In this stargate series, you activate the stargate related to the fifth dimension taking you into Alcyone, holding the heart chakra energy and magnetic and electromagnetic grid of Light through the Interstellar axiatonal lines. Prior to heading through this stargate, you link into the Planetary Christ Consciousness grid and the Light workers along this grid through the frequency of Love, and create the shape of the octahedron around your body and within your energy field.

You travel through this fifth dimensional stargate and connect initially to the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light. You then find yourself on this Interstellar grid of Light, activating the fifth dimensional axiatonal lines within your body and energy field through this grid as you connect to the Beings of Light assisting at this dimensional level as well as merging with your multidimensional Selves. You also get an opportunity at this dimensional level through the photon rays of Light to transmute earthly ego allurements and cosmic karmic patterns.

There is a focus on the fourteenth ray of Interstellar Christ Consciousness at this dimensional level, with the primarily quality of illumination being activated through DNA strands five and six. Further to this, the gift of intuition is amplified at this dimensional level allowing you to move forward in grace and harmony with a deep knowing of your Life service and purpose. As you activate these related strands, you are able to bring this fifth dimensional frequency into the body through the energy of this ray, as well as place the activated codes within the Planetary Christ Consciousness grid.
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