New Earth Activations

Plasma Light Rays DNA Activation

New Earth Unity Codes

120-Minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

Beloved hearts,
As we deepen into New Earth and the Sacred Alchemical Marriage of our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Spirits – Christos-Sophia energy, birthing our magical innocence and purity, our Christed Light, there are many themes of perceived separation and distortions that are being cleared and transcended from within, notably our perceived separation from one another. To fine tune our frequency, elevate our consciousness and shift dimensionally, we bring our awareness, as the Witnessing Prescence of our Beloved I Am, to dissolving the separation of Heaven and Earth, our conscious and unconscious aspects, higher selves and lower selves, galactic and human aspects, masculine and feminine spirits, old earth and new earth, and so on, shifting from a linear perspective into a Quantum reality.
These distortions, currently being played out on the 3D world stage as an “outer battle”, offering us an unprecedented opportunity to dissolve and transcend our own judgments, addictions, lesser than and better than consciousness, as well as victim/persecutor consciousness as we go deep, deep within.
With this, we are offered an opportunity to expand the three-fold flame of Power, Love and Wisdom within to experience the luminosity of all 12 beautiful plasma light rays that spiral forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and Great Central Sun, then into the Central Sun and Sun , basking all life and planets within this Solar System within these Rays of Creation. These rays expand exponentially through and from Venus and Shamballa and are then directed onto this sacred earth and into the crystalline grids and leylines, and from here, into our sacred hearts as New Earth Unity Codes.
To activate the Light Body/Soul DNA through these Rays of Creation, or Plasma Light Rays, we merge both the lower and higher ray qualities into Divine Neutrality, Zero Point, as we elevate our Christed Consciousness through the stillness of our loving hearts and the wisdom of our higher minds, with particular qualities, colors, and sonic vibrations.

As the ray qualities and colors are programmed and activated from within, they expand around the body as Flames of Purification and Initiation and increased levels of Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Additionally, we further connect into the Quantum Field and the Overlighting of the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Brotherhood of the Light, imbuing the Plasma Light energy of the Rays of Creation with the frequencies of the Sun and Moon and Quantum Particles.
As we then connect through our Loving Hearts into Gaia and the Unity Grid as the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light, we utilize these Plasma Light Rays to surround Mother Earth and all her Life in these sacred New Earth Unity Codes.
These 12 Plasma Light Rays are:
The first ray of Will and Power
The second Ray of Divine Intelligence
The third ray of Love-Wisdom
The fourth ray of Harmony through Conflict
The fifth ray of Concrete Knowledge
The sixth ray of Devotion and Idealism
The seventh ray of Ceremonial Magic and Patterns of Perfection
The eighth ray of Transmutation
The ninth ray of Highest Potentials
The tenth ray of Divinity
The eleventh ray of Illumination and Love
The twelve ray of One Unity Consciousness
Join us beloved hearts, as we ignite and activate and program the Plasma Light Rays from within through our own experiences and Cosmic Christed Consciousness as the I Am Avatar Race, with an experiential understanding of how the rays are being expressed within our daily lives; and as more Light activates within, we release separation and enter into the New Earth, as One Heart and One Love.

With rich invocations and affirmations, as the Beloved I Am Presence of all awakened and awakening Souls, we expand these Rays as Flames of Light through the Crystalline Grid to every man, woman and child upon this sacred earth, within the Cosmic Law of Free Will.

Now more than ever, we come together as Brothers and Sisters of the Light, as we expand into the next Quantum level of our Soul’s Forward Evolution, with Peace and Love and Compassion, Empowerment and Wisdom, to dissolve the pain, duality, separation, and fear from within and with “out”, as One Heart and One Love.
And so it is and so it shall be.


New Earth Divine Rebirthing

222 Crystalline Light Codes and Soular Expansion

90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

As the New Earth Avatars, the next stage of our collective Divine Rebirthing of Cosmic Christ Consciousness is upon us, as we head into 2022, and ignite the 222 Crystalline Light codes of Soular Expansion.

The 222 Crystalline Light Codes take us into Solar Christ Consciousness and collectively into the fifth dimension and beyond. These Light codes, activating from within our bodies, our Temples of Light, bring with it New Beginnings, Co-operation, Harmony, Balance, Healing, Manifestation, and the Spirit of CommUnity and Co-operation. With these beautiful New Beginnings, we transform and transcend, elevate and re-align, as we deepen into New Earth through our Loving Hearts with Soul and Star Family, and the amplified frequencies of Caring, Sharing, Respect, Unity and Love.

It is a “We” Year to SHINE OUR SOUL LIGHT collectively, as the I Am Avatar Race. As the Gatekeepers, Grid Keepers, Flames of Divinity, and vibrating Portals of Divine Love, opening the Stargates and Portals from within and expanding the Light of God upon this sacred earth.

The 222 Crystalline Light Codes further brings an expansion of our Light work, our Divine Life Purpose and Soul Mission, and particularly our Galactic Mission Codes, as we take on new skills, work with new/old friends and family and challenge ourselves to our Highest Potential.

Additionally, we are taken deeper into the remembrance of our Initiations of Light, amplified through the numerology of the number 6, and the sacred geometry of the star tetrahedron, the six-pointed star, through our Golden Hearts. This further allows for the creation of our Light Body/Merkabas, our Ascension Vehicles into New Earth as we raise our vibration and lift our consciousness into this dimensional field of Zero Point, Being in the eternal Now moment.

As we sustain and hold our consciousness at fifth dimensional frequencies and beyond, the Soular Expansion of Crystalline Consciousness and Photonic Light/Soul Light assists us in our New Earth Rebirthing.

For the last several months we have been in a birthing canal of the Divine Mother, ready for our rebirth in this month of January. This New Earth Rebirthing process is to awaken us to the remembrance of our Soul Light within, and all that we are, as we return to our Original Innocence, our Purity and Innocence.

This is also the second wave of Souls ascending into New Earth. As the physical body ascends and the Soul descends, it is no longer out there, but within, that we bring our focus. To our Universe; our Soul Light, our physical bodies and Gaia.

For many, it has been extremely challenging to release the dense carbon-based frequencies, judgments, programming’s, addictions and false beliefs and we have seen this reflected in the outer world of 3D realities. Furthermore, as the kundalini energy of Gaia activates to support this next wave, and with this, as our own kundalini activates, our unconscious programs have been coming up to be dissolved as we open our heart chakras to the knowing that we are Love, that All is Love. For until we surrender and trust our Soul, all is most uncomfortable. And then, as we deepen into Self Love and Self Nurturing, feeling and sensing the Divine Mother energy Overlighting us, New Beginnings present.

We are ready now for the creation of our Physical Light Bodies and to emerge on New Earth as One Heart and One Love.

We are invited into the Ancient Memories within holding the Golden Ages of Atlantis, and to experience the Crystal Temple of the Sun and Moon. To experience the Soular and Moon Gamma Ray frequencies as we transcend our human karma, victim and persecutor consciousness and release within us the “Fall from Grace”, and the distorted masculine energy, anger, blame, judgment and shame.

As we connect to the Inner Earth Sun, the Golden Sun within our Hearts, the Sun, the Galactic Central Sun and Great Central Sun, and the energy of the Moon (New Moon on January 2nd), we draw to us the 222 Crystalline Light Codes to activate and actualize the physical/energetic upgrades of our I Am Avatar Body of Light, our Adam Kadmon Body of Light.

We further rebalance our Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits to rebirth the magical innocent child, our Soul Light, our Purity and Innocence in the diamond and rainbow hues of the Sun and our radiant energy and Soul Light.

We activate our kundalini energy, create our Merkaba vehicles of Light, open a portal of Light through the Pineal Gland and shift in consciousness into New Earth, allowing the Light Body DNA to program the Crystalline Light codes within for our physical ascension process.

Additionally, we take on new roles in remembrance of being the Priests and Priestesses in the Golden Age Timelines of Atlantis, as well as merge with our Galactic Selves to deepen into our sacred missions upon New Earth.

And so it is, and so it shall be.


Two recordings, with and without background music



Divine Mother Codes of the Universal Heart


Two recordings, with and without background music

90 Minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

In this beautiful Masterclass, we experience the restoration, rejuvenation and nurturing of our physical/energy bodies with very deep releasing of all that no longer works for us. As we surrender to the embrace of the Divine Mother, we release the vestiges of sadness, loss, betrayal and discomfort for ourselves and all of humanity as we walk the path of Love. And now, in this renewed integration of multi-dimensional convergence and greater levels of Self-appreciation and Self-Love, we experience the physical/energetic upgrades of our I Am Avatar Body of Light through our cells, central nervous system, sensory system and the left and right hemispheres of the brain in particular. This brings with it greater levels of vitality, clarity, empowerment, and focus, as well as increased sensitivity that activates into new levels of communication with all bands of consciousness. In particular, we are able to receive the Divine Mother Codes of the Universal Heart through our connection to all bands of consciousness upon this sacred earth as we link in telepathically, in Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness, and in respect and reverence as these open hearts in this Golden Age of Light.

We are invited into the Temple of Transfiguration to experience a deepening sense of our planetary Light work as One Heart and One Unified Field of Light. Connecting to the Inner Earth Sun, the Golden Sun within our Hearts, the Sun, the Galactic Central Sun and Great Central Sun, and Overlighted by the Divine Mother, we draw to us codes of Solar Christ Consciousness to activate and actualize the physical/energetic upgrades of our I Am Avatar Body of Light, our Adam Kadmon Body of Light.

We then connect as the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light and the Universal Heart through the Unity Grid of Divine Love, as we attune to:

The Elemental Kingdom: The fairies, elves, gnomes and brownies

The Crystal and Mineral Kingdom

The Plant Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom

The Healing Waters of Mother Earth


The Healing Forces of Nature

Ready to receive the Divine Mother Codes of the Universal Heart, we connect with Nature Intelligence and Nature Spirit Intelligence, along with the Overlighting Deva of Healing and the Deva of our Original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint and the Beloved I Am Presence of all awakened Souls on this sacred earth. As One Heart, we assist in the anchoring of the energetic codes of the Divine Mother. In particular, we assist in the anchoring and activation of the Divine Mother Codes of:

Strength and Courage








Divine Love

As these beautiful Divine Mother codes stream forth from the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, we activate and transmit these energetic elixir frequencies and codes of the Divine Mother into our sacred hearts and into the sacred hearts of all humanity walking the Path of Divine Love.

Lastly, we experience the Angelic Golden Dolphin and Whale Divine Love Attunement, as we deepen into Self-Love and ignite the Flame of Divine Love within our Christed Hearts to the highest level of unconditional Love and joy we are able to receive in this Now.

We end this transmission with a focus on connecting through the 144 Crystalline Grid of Divine Love, linking with the etheric Golden Dolphin and Whale pods, the many Legions of Light, Light Workers and star seeded ones and Nature Spirit Intelligence as we activate the collective OMM-Wave resonance of Divine Unconditional Love for ourselves and for all Life upon this sacred earth.

Come join us in this beautiful transmission of attunements, invocations, affirmations, visualizations and frequency activations as we come together as One Heart and One Unified Field of Light.



Activating the New Earth Light Codes and Stargates from Within


90-Minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

Beloved hearts,

We invite you to join us in this wonderful light encoded masterclass as we activate the New Earth Energetic Building Blocks, Templates, Light Codes, Grids and Stargates from within and collectively ascend into the next level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness as the I Am Avatar Race.

As the 222 Codes activate for collective ascension in this sacred year of 2022, we pass through the Aquarian Gateway in this month of February. This offers to us an unprecedented opportunity to activate the New Earth Light Codes and Stargates as well as bring online the physical body grids and templates that we embody as New Earthers.

February 2nd and February 20th, 2022, brings online the codes of five consecutive 2 sequences – 22222, amplifying the master number of Solar Christ Consciousness (22) and lifting us collectively into the next level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness and Soul Embodiment. February 22nd, 2022 brings through six consecutive 2 sequences – 222222, aligning us ever deeper into the Heart of One to activate the New Earth Grids, Codes, Templates and Stargates from within as we hold our Consciousness at these higher frequency bandwidths and with this, program the Light Body DNA.

This is a unique opportunity for us to deepen into physical body purification and the clearing of old timelines no longer needing to be experienced; programs, habits, false beliefs, and judgments through karmic timelines merging into this Now, particularly the Fall of Consciousness (Atlantean) and to transcend the blame and judgment and emerge/shift frequency into New Earth and the higher dimensional merging timelines. These are the Christ Consciousness aspects of our Beloved I Am Presence that expand from deep within and that embody the purity, innocence, and divinity of ourselves and all Life through the Witnessing Presence of our Loving Hearts and the stillness of our Higher Minds.

The timeline in this Now presents the merging of our Divine Feminine Spirit/Divine Mother/Gaia (5-D Consciousness of Be-ing), the embrace and transcendence of the wounded masculine (3-D/4-D Consciousness) through self-love and self-nurturing and the merging and integration of our Divine Masculine Spirit (6-D Consciousness of Doing) as we birth our innocent, magical Christed Child (Soul Light) and next level of Service work in Unity and Community.

To experience this Now moment, we go deep into the old programmings/old earth templates – 3D Matrix and negative ego aspects, to transcend and dissolve the human miscreation’s through a process of surrender and trust. As our body releases this “inner struggle” of pain, trauma and discomfort, this allows for the Lightbody/Soul to fine tune the DNA and raise our vibration (the atomic spin within the cells) and to vibrate out of these old patterns, habits, grids and templates whilst simultaneously creating the New Earth Grids, Templates, Stargates and Light Packets of Information from within.

Essentially, we are experiencing an energetic encoded matrix of light packets of information activating from within the DNA, with an unlimited potential to expand perspectives and consciousness with new codes, geometries, sound and color frequencies to elevate our consciousness and take us into physical body ascension. This operating system weaves together all new energies/frequencies to lift us into various dimensions based upon the physical body consciousness of purity through our Loving Hearts that activate the Light Frequency and Quantum Codes within the 12 Strand DNA.

As our Lightbody Consciousness shifts dimensionally, we create the Stargate of the Loving Heart, which expands the heart and thymus chakras, bringing online the New Earth building blocks and collapsing old karmic timelines no longer needing to be experienced. Additionally, within the physical body, we activate two additional stargates. The Perineum Stargate, which extends into the groin area and into the lower chakras (clearing and transcending the old and all lack of) whilst merging the lower chakras into one unified column of Light. The third stargate created is the Navel Stargate which shifts all relationships into new levels of conscious communication, community and support, and links into the spinal column as the spine itself becomes the operating system of the body.

As the lower chakras start to merge into One Unified Column of Light, the Pineal Gland further activates, producing the sweet nectar (amrita) as a bridge to Cosmic Consciousness and bringing through the remembrance of “ancient memories” – timelines of Golden Ages of Unity and Love, particularly Atlantean and Lemurian timelines of being the High Priests and Priestesses into this Now moment.

As we merge into these timelines, we are further taken into Galactic aspects of ourselves. Whilst many higher dimensional timelines present as well as higher dimensional/Soul aspects of Self relative to our level of Cosmic Conscious Awareness, it is the Sirian Galactic aspects of Self coming forward to take us into the next level of our Galactic Missions; with abundance, manifestation and the Divine Masculine integration of doing, birthed initially through the Divine Feminine aspects of Self.

Each dimension we experience differs, as does the templates and codes of Light that come online. Each dimension a new level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness as we activate the Plasma Light Codes, Rainbow Frequencies, Oscillating Cosmic Rays, Diamond Light Codes and so much more.

Join us in the beautiful Light encoded transmission with Anrita Melchizedek and we go deep into the body, and activate many of the New Earth Light Codes, Templates and Stargates from within and expand our bandwidth for the next level of our Soul’s Blossoming as the New Earth Avatar Race.



The Christed ET’s Energetic Wellness Upgrade for New Earthers


90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

Join Anrita Melchizedek for a wonderful Energetic Wellness Upgrade Overlighted by the Christed ET’s as we deepen into the Resurrection, offering to us the opportunity to release density and expand and anchor more Light through the New Earth Templates within as the sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and Christed Light We Are.

We are collectively entering into the next passageway of our Soul’s Forward Evolution through the deepening integration of Soul embodiment while dissolving, clearing and purging of old cellular memories, traumas, addictions, false beliefs and judgments, as we merge with and integrate our Beloved I Am Presence and multidimensional Selves, and as we come deeper into the feeling and knowing of our purity and innocence, as the Light of God We Are. As we integrate deepening levels of our Soul/Photonic Light within our physical body and expand and hold our Consciousness within the higher dimensional fields of Light.

With this continual clearing, releasing, purifying, fine tuning, and transcending in awareness and consciousness, as we anchor and embody our Soul Light, this gateway opens to accelerate the transformation of our Light Bodies into expanding into Crystalline Consciousness, and to upgrade our cellular systems to hold the higher dimensional frequencies of Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

Whilst we say to our Universe to “bring it on”, we recognize too that the negative ego will not so easily surrender, and that we require much “down time” of sleep and meditation and being outdoors to expand our Light from within, as we deepen into zero point, the infinite, eternal Now moment through our loving hearts. As we experience these ongoing expansions and contractions and moments of great discomfort energetically and physically, along with many other ascension symptoms to raise our vibration, we are offered the opportunity to experience our ascension journey with increased levels of self-nurturing, self-love and gentleness.

With this, the Christed ET’s come forward, offering to assist us with Energetic Wellness Upgrades in the form of Light Chambers, multidimensional rectangular Light Grids placed around our bodies and energy field. Through these Light Chambers, we are able to flow into the next level of our Soul’s Forward Evolution with greater levels of grace and ease, trust and surrender, and the knowing that All is Well, no matter how our outward reality is perceived in each Now moment.

In particular, it is the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Arcturians, the Lyrians, the Venusian and the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light that connect with us through this passageway, offering to place us within particular Light Chambers personal to our vibrational frequency and the collective vibrational field of the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light.

The Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light come forward to bring in a Karmic Clearing and Forgiveness Chamber of Light.

The Sirian Archangelic League of the Light bring in a Purification Rings of Light Chamber and assist in the activation of the Stargate of the Loving Heart.

The Arcturian Emissaries of Light bring in a Crystalline/Cosmic Christ Consciousness and Photonic Light Chamber of Light.

The Venusians bring in an Ancestral and Past Lives Soul Wounds Clearing Chamber of Light.

The Lyrians assist in a Pineal Gland Activation Chamber of Light.

And lastly, the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light bring in a Re-Union of Hearts and Light Body Chamber of Light.

Each Chamber of Light with its own energy and frequency will be uniquely experienced through a series of Light encoded activations and beautiful invocations to assist in the programming of the DNA through the Light Body/Soul Light.

We invite you to join us in this sacred heart space of One Love and One Unified Field of Light as together we amplify the Light of God upon this sacred earth. And so it is.

Replay available with and without background music. No transcribe.



Sirian Initiation of Empowerment


90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

 As we expand our frequency and Light, all aligns for us through the 222 Light Codes of Solar Crystalline Consciousness, and into new levels of Divine Service.

As our Beloved I Am Presence, and One with the Beloved I Am Presence of All Awakening and Awakened Souls, we are offered an opportunity to experience a Sirian Initiation of Empowerment, also known as the Initiation of Revelation, through the first ray of Will and Power.

To further understand the facet of this Divine Plan and how we will experience this Gateway, beloved hearts, we bring our focus to the influx of Light experienced through the Resurrection Codes, and the Pink-Orange Flame of Compassion and Love, which ignited and expanded from within our Loving Hearts, to blaze around our bodies and energy fields. With this, as the collective I Am Avatar Consciousness, we upgraded our Light and Love Quotient and expanded in frequency, energy, and vibration into our fifth dimensional Solar Crystalline Light Bodies, where all is expressed with greater levels of Christ Consciousness as pure Divine Love, from the purity and innocence within. This takes us into Zero-Point, beloved hearts, into the eternal Divine Ever-Present Continuum of Source Light, expressed through the stillness of our Loving Hearts as the Light of God We Are.

This is the experience too, beloved hearts, of our more feminine fifth dimensional aspects, and the “Being” aspects of Self, as we go deep within, to nurture, Love, appreciate and let go of all that no longer serves. Each Now moment offers us an opportunity to slow down, to be more present, as the Witnessing Presence of the Beloved I Am. With the sub-atomic particles continuously spinning in increased light frequencies, this state of expansion, of Christ Consciousness, of Soul embodiment and Photonic Light, can be very dreamlike, and very surreal. Much cleansing and purification is experienced and continues, particularly within the physical body, as we clear the density and carbon-based frequencies, and release, dissolve, collapse and transcend many old programs, parallel realities, and karmic timelines. Simultaneously we merge/converge into various multidimensional realities, timelines, and aspects of Self, such as our Angelic Selves, Galactic, Christed, Lemurian, Atlantean, ancient Egyptian, Dolphin, Mermaid, and Fairy Selves.

As we hold a higher state of consciousness at particular frequencies for long enough, this expansion is experienced within the body and within the cells, and with this, we start to create the crystalline gridding system within our bodies. We activate the crystals within our bodies that create the various Light Bodies as well as connect deeper into the 144 Unity Grid as vibrating Stargates of Divine Love and as the Unity Grid. This connection through the One Heart releases separation as we draw upon the energy of Gaia, as our Divine Mother, and all that presents through the Elements and Nature, the Sun and Moon, Solar Flares, Gamma Rays, Cosmic Rays, and Inner Plane connections.

These Christed aspects of Self, our Purity and Innocence, expressed through the Golden Sun within, expands through the Stargate of our Loving Heart and connects into the Higher Mind as we activate and program the DNA with our own consciousness and Light. This in turn activates the Pineal Gland, and these crystals within the Pineal Gland, as Diamond Light frequencies, create an orbit from the Higher Mind into the Loving Heart and back into the Higher Mind, with the Higher Mind becoming the Divine Intelligence of the Loving Heart. Additionally, our Golden Sun, our Inner Christ, expands into the Solar Plexus Chakra as the Seat of the Soul, as Soular Christ Consciousness, and a second Stargate activates within the Navel. A third Stargate further activates within the Perineum Center, connecting into the original Divine Blueprinting as well as the becoming the central Stargate and conduit for which all kundalini and pranic energy flows, as the spine, and cerebrospinal fluid take center stage as the New Earth operating system for our physical bodies, our Temples of Light. Additionally, it is the cerebrospinal fluid that connect through the base of the brain and into the Pineal Gland, creating pressure on the Pineal Gland, which then activates the Third Eye with the memories of all initiations and timelines of Self Mastery. In essence, taking us beyond the Veils and Ring-Passeth-Nots, and into Cosmic Christ Consciousness/God Consciousness, and this is experienced primarily when we are able to enter a Gamma LightBody Brain-Wave State of Consciousness.

It is here beloved hearts, that we journey, into the Initiation of Empowerment, aligning our will ever deeper to the Will and Power of God and with this, stepping into new levels of Divine Service, expressed through the Divine Masculine aspects of Self. Our Divine Masculine Energy is the “DOing” in Service in Love, through our inner power. This is a sixth dimensional aspect of Self beloved hearts, and presents through our Sirian Higher Self aspects, and the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light and the Inner Plane Ascended Masters.

We are invited into the Great White Lodge on Sirius, to experience this initiation. This initiation is very powerful, beloved hearts, clearing any and all levels of disempowerment, abuse and misuse of power and will be tangibly felt and experienced. Simultaneously we unlock the next level of our Divine Service from within, as the wayshowers, gate keepers, grid keepers and Flames of Divinity upon this sacred earth. The dreaminess is replaced with the ability to do and become, with greater levels of Manifestation, Magnetization, Abundance, Love, Power, Peace, Wisdom, Harmony and Knowledge as we merge into new levels of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects, living New Earth.

Join us Beloved Hearts, as we travel in Soul Consciousness into the Great White Lodge on Sirius for the next level of the Divine Plan for all awakened and awakening Souls.

Your download is available as a zipped file, with two Mp3’s, with and without background music. No transcribe is provided.



The Presence of the Divine Mother Within


90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

In this powerful energetic transmission, we accelerate our frequency, birth into creation new golden opportunities, and connect ever deeper into the Heart of Gaia, and the Flame of Compassion. This Flame of Compassion and Love amplifies in this Now moment and as these sacred, holy Flames of Divinity, the Stargate of our Loving Hearts expands into the deepening Presence of the Divine Mother within. As we deepen into Compassion through our Golden Hearts, we dissolve the wounded masculine, and victim/persecutor consciousness. We fine tune our frequency and shift dimensionally into ever higher octaves of the One Heart of All That Is.

We are further invited into Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart. We receive an attunement to Divine Mother Mary as we step ever deeper into the Divine Mother energy of compassion and Love, gratitude and appreciation, loving kindness and respect for all. Further to this, we are offered an opportunity to focus on all our relationships.

Additionally, we experience an Initiation of Enlightenment as we elevate our consciousness, experience a Pineal Gland Activation and remember ourselves as Initiates of Light.

We further experience the Rays of Creation in each month. In this beautiful transmission, along with the beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love, and the Violet Flame of Transmutation, we experience the Ray of Solar Service, of Solar Crystalline Consciousness, the Ray of Highest Potentials and the Ray of Devotion and Idealism.

Through the Overlighting of Lord Buddha, we are invited into these sacred Ray Ashrams as we create our Crystalline Light Body and program the Original Divine Blueprinting from within, whilst expanding our Devotion as the Light of God We Are.

Enjoy this powerful transmission of Invocations and Affirmations as we journey ever deeper into the One Heart of All That Is, in Unity, Community and Love.

Your download is available as a zipped file, with two Mp3’s, with and without background music. No transcribe is provided.




Inner Tree of Life Higher Self Embodiment Activation


90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek


We are now collectively vibrating to the frequencies of New Earth and organic Christed timelines and to a choir of celestial voices from deep within, having merged and integrated many of our Higher Selves, multidimensional Selves and future Selves.

To assist us in deepening into Soul Embodiment, we are offered the Inner Tree of Life Higher Self Embodiment Activation. This frequency activation uses the energy of sacred geometry, primarily the Golden Sun, representing Christ Consciousness, the Flower of Life, representing the Patterns of Perfection and the Inner Tree of Life as it embeds within and around the body, as our embodied Higher Selves.

The Inner Tree of Life Higher Self Embodiment Activation is a very powerful tool for Quantum Light activations as we bring our physical body online with New Earth. Whilst New Earth may have felt surreal, it now becomes more real in this passageway, and through this gateway.

In this powerful transmission, we start with the Golden Sun Flower of Life Zero Point Activation through the Loving Heart and as the Golden Sun and Flower of Life activate around the body and energy field, we visualize, grid and activate the 11 Sephirot (Spheres) of the Kabbalah as the Golden Suns and Christed Light within the Flower of Life.

As we grid the Inner Tree of Life from sphere to sphere in the Golden Suns of Christ Consciousness and join the paths in Golden Triangles of Light, we end with 11 Spheres and 22 Paths. With this, beloved hearts, we create a multidimensional map and Divine Blueprint for Higher Self embodiment, and our ability to live our Ascended Selves as the Light of God We Are.

Join us in this celestial passageway as together we become our Higher Selves and Ascended Aspects upon this sacred earth.





Golden Sun and Flower of Life Zero Point Activation


90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

Beloved hearts,

In Ancient Egypt, beloved hearts, as initiates of Light, we utilized the energy of the Golden Sun and Flower of Life, as well as all geometries within this, particularly Metatron’s Cube, to expand our Light from within and connect to our Galactic Higher Selves, and the Unity Grid to experience New Earth.

In this system of energy, we worked with the first nine dimensions, taking us into Soul Embodiment of our absolute Purity, Innocence and Source Light/Photonic Light whilst merging with our Galactic Higher Self aspects. In addition to this, the primary focus was on our ability to expand into each dimension through the related sacred geometries, sound and color frequencies and expand into the Golden Flower of Life 54 feet in diameter around us, utilized in the creation of our Light Body/Merkaba Field. This frequency of Christ Consciousness energetically took us into the Cold Flame of the Flower of Life within the Halls of Amenti, essentially the Quantum Field of Plasma Light. This alchemical process generated the internal Plasma Light, initially through the blood, in the creation of our various Light Bodies and embodiment of our Higher Selves and Multidimensional Selves.  Additionally, the Crystalline Sun DNA activated within the original Divine Blueprint as Plasma Light.

At this point, beloved hearts, we embody, activate and expand the Plasma Light within, and as these filaments create interconnected lines of Light that link us into the Unity Grid, and the Nodal Points along the Unity Grid through the Sacred Geometry of the Stellated Dodecahedron, we would join as One Heart and connect into the Crystalline Grid. Working with the Andarian Beings, the Andara Crystals, we would tune into each Nodal Point, Gateway and Sacred Site, starting from the axis point in Cairo, Egypt. For the Unity Grid is anchored by its axis at Cairo, and at Moorea, in the French Polynesian Islands near Tahiti.

As Gate Keepers and Grid Keepers we fine tune the frequencies within the Unity Grids, multidimensionally and holographically. With this, we create harmonic frequencies that uplift the consciousness of all Life, so that all can ascend. As expressions of consciousness and energy, we are the Christ Consciousness Grids, the vibrating Stargates of Divine Love, traveling our journey from Star Seed to Soul Seed to Star Being and then Source Light.

As we experience this deep sense of Unity Consciousness, of interconnectivity, we further deepen into Physical Body Ascension, the ability to take our physical body into New Earth free of 3D and 4D densities and karma.

To reach this level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness beloved hearts, requires the frequencies and energies of New Earth to be activated within our body and energy field, and this Now moment offers an unprecedented opportunity to activate the Lion’s Gate to Zero Point collectively, to the fifth dimension and beyond as the Beloved I Am That I Am, living New Earth and mapping our Highest Potential and trajectory as Co-Creators to the Divine, as our Universe.

We use a technique from the Ancient Egyptian timeline called The Golden Sun and Flower of Life Zero Point Activation.  At that time, and Now, we start by activating the Stargate of our Loving Heart by visualizing the Golden Sun, Christ Light, as a single point of Light. On each in-breath, we visualize this Golden Sun from within the center of our Heart Chakra. As we hold the breath, we visualize numerous hues of Diamond Crystalline Light activating from within the Loving Heart, aided by the Andarian Crystal Beings, and on the out-breath, we expand the Golden Sun around the body and energy field. We do this breath seven times, each time to the count of seven. As we then deepen into Zero Point, through the expansion and feelings of our Loving Heart, we move into activating the Pineal Gland, initially visualizing the cerebrospinal fluid moving up and down the spine, into the brain and placing pressure upon the Pineal Gland.

To visualize the Golden Sun within the Pineal Gland, we focus on the convergence of three energetic lines connecting through the Pineal Gland. The first point of intersection is activated through the Antakarana, as it travels from the Soul Star Chakra into the Crown Chakra, into the Pineal Gland, down the spine to the Perineum Center and then into the Earth Star Chakra. The second point of intersection activates from the Third Eye through the Pineal Gland and out the back of the Third Eye. And the third point of intersection crosses from just above the left ear to the same point on the right ear, and into the Pineal Gland. Where these energetic lines converge and intersect in the Pineal Gland, we visualize the Golden Sun and then expand this as a Golden Halo around the head.

Following this, we visualize the Ankh and utilizing these same points of convergence from within the Pineal Gland, connect to a portal of Light known as the Sirian Portal 2.4 feet above the Crown Chakra, activating once more the Golden Sun energy as the Sun behind the Sun, as well as activating a ninth dimensional portal 24 feet above the Crown Chakra as the Great Central Sun. The activation of the Golden Sun is the Christed Light beloved hearts, and takes us into Zero Point, where all presents simultaneously. Where we can view, experience and expand into numerous multidimensional timelines to create our future realities in One Unity Consciousness.

In ancient Egypt, we expanded into each dimension, from the fifth to the ninth respectively, visualizing the Golden Sun, and related sacred geometries as well as merging with our Galactic aspects. Each dimension beloved hearts, requires from us the ability to lift our consciousness into the corresponding field of Light, sound, color and sacred geometry. When we expanded into the ninth dimension, we further created and activated the Golden Flower of Life, within a Diamond sphere, 54 feet in diameter around us, which served as our Ascension Vehicle to New Earth. Additionally, we utilized this Flower of Life sacred geometry, now embedded within the Golden Sun, to raise our frequency, elevate our consciousness and release density from within the body and energy field. Further to this, we utilized this as a Healing Tool to assist our brothers and sisters in their Ascension Journey simply by visualizing the Golden Sun and Flower of Life activating and moving this into any body part, organ, and chakra as well as around the energy field. It was, and is, a most powerful tool and one we can draw upon to elevate consciousness and quantum jump multidimensionally as well as heal and release lower densities, false beliefs, judgments and discomfort from within the physical body.

And as we connect into, and as the Unity Grid, as the I AM AVATAR Consciousness, we can expand the Light upon this sacred earth using this Golden Sun and Flower of Life Zero Point Activation.

So join with us in this powerful Now moment beloved hearts. Together we are creating our Heaven on Earth, and New Earth from the Heart of the Great Central Sun, with beautiful invocations, activations, tools and healing energies we can utilize for ourselves, for others and for all Life upon this sacred earth.



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